Why Choose Linen?


It's worth the investment!

Its comfortable to sleep in regardless of the season. It has unique insulating properties. Linen keeps you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold. 

It gets better with age. Linen softens with every wash and becomes more and more comfortable over time.

Its long lasting and sustainable. Pure linen is the world’s strongest natural fibre, and 2-3 times more durable than cotton. This means your linen sheets will last longer than standard cotton sheets, proving excellent value for money. 

Its kinder to mother earth. Manufacturing of flax requires fewer pesticides, irrigation and energy than most other fibres. The flax plant only needs one fifth of the pesticides and fertilisers used to produce cotton - making it a much friendlier option on our environment.

Its naturally hypoallergenic. A great choice for those of us with sensitive skin or allergies. 

It looks pretty. Linen bedding is timeless, sumptuous, elegant, edgy, effortless. And so many beautiful colours to choose from!

Its low maintenance. Perfect for our busy lives. It washes well and dries quickly.

It feels amazing. Linen is soft, light and comfortable.