5 Clever Ways of Reusing The Linen Project drawstring bags

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5 Clever Ways of reusing The Linen Project drawstring bags


We here at The Linen Project we care about mother earth and take sustainability seriously. Our Pure Flax Linen bedding is not only naturally biodegradable, but is OEKO-TEX 100 certified (aka no nasty chemicals), free from plastic packaging and posted in compostable courier bags.

All our duvet covers and sheets come in handy pure Flax linen drawstring bags, which are perfect to store your lovely linen bedding (especially those pesky hard to fold fitted sheets!). However there are lots of other creative ways to use these little bags, here are 5 clever suggestions….

1. Travel bags

Possibly an obvious one, but a good one! I was a little late to the party in using separate travel pouches in my luggage, but oh my goodness I’ve never looked back. Our handy linen bags make for a stylish and practical way to separate your packing.  Pack more effectively, save space and find your items more easily. Simple.

2. Bread Bag

Now I must confess I haven’t tried this one, but it's a technique that has been used in France for years. Linen is a natural, breathable fabric that in theory preserves your loaf keeping it fresh for a few extra days. Give it a try and let us know.  

3. Gym bag

So we know Linen fabric is breathable, but it is also naturally anti-bacterial and easy to wash. The perfect place to store your used gym kit or to separate your less than fresh smelling trainers. 

4. Kids Toys

Stepping on LEGO bricks is no fun for anyone! But a common problem in households with young children. Why not use one of our linen bags to tidy up the kids room? You could even colour separate all the LEGO blocks into different bags if you were feeling super organised!

5. Lunch bag

A stylish, simple solution for storing your lunch. No more searching around the bottom of your bag for that stray apple, keep it neatly together in one of our linen drawstring bags.



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