Our Linen


Your bedroom should be a haven, a place to escape, a place to feel calm and a place to be comfortable. Finding the perfect bedding can make all the difference and for me (hopefully you, too) pure flax linen sheets are definitely the answer. 

We have done the hard work for you and have sourced the most beautiful, quality, easy care pure flax linen bedding that is actually affordable.

All our linen is made from 100% French flax grown in Northern France and is European Linen certified.  The climate in Europe is where the flax plant is happiest, and France in particular is renowned for having ideal growing conditions and producing superior flax fibres. This is where our flax is harvested.

It is then ethically manufactured in Shenzhen by a small family owned factory and skillfully crafted into your quality luxury linen bedding. Our makers have been granted Standard 100 certification by OEKO-TEX giving confidence that our linen has been tested for harmful substances and that the fabric is harmless to human health. Basically it means there are no nasties in the fabric! For more information regarding this process see www.oeko-tex.com/en

All our linen has a thread count of 165-170gsm, the perfect weight for bedding. It is light enough to stay breathable during summer but heavy enough to act as an insulator in winter. 

The final destination before it arrives at your door is little old Christchurch, where it is organised, packaged and posted with linen love!

We use recycled plastic packaging from www.r3packs.co.nz  

We care about mother earth and try to be as sustainable as possible whilst balancing cost and logistics, we are always open to feedback regarding this so please feel free to reach out.